March 7, 2016

Relationship Advice For Men: How to Keep Her Interested By Mirabelle Summers

Relationship Advice For Men How to Keep Her Interested By Mirabelle Summers

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In this video, Mirabelle Summers offers some keen insight into how to keep your potential love interest interested in you.

Don’t Suffocate Each Other

Ok, let’s admit something. We all know how good it feels in the early throes of a new romantic interest, but it’s important you don’t so caught up in a woman that you lose sight of your own life and interests. Too much togetherness (too soon) is always dangerous territory, because you become so engulfed in the physical aspects, very early on, that you don’t realize how much work and effort it truly takes to maintain a relationship, once that spark has simmered down.

Step Up to the Plate

Don’t fall into a relationship death trap in which both parties suffocate each other, rather than maintain their own social lives. This kind of behavior is guaranteed to lead to a one-way ticket for new love “no-no’s.” You must make sure you take it upon yourself to emphasize the importance of maintaining independence from one another. Instead of devoting every single second to each other, enjoy intermittent dates that keep you both wanting more. Remember, it’s important to maintain your own hobbies, friendships, and interests, rather than diving headfirst into smothering territory. Who knows? She even may be secretly relieved that you propose this together-but-independent transition.

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