January 8, 2016

Opening Possibilities

Opening Possibilities

99% of what occurs in life is due to your mindset. It may not seem like you are consciously creating things, but the mind is so powerful that it is actually creating your experience all the time.

Think about your current life circumstances.

How much thought energy is going into it?

Are you thinking right now: I’m lonely, I’m depressed, I need more wealth, and time is passing me by?

Are you thinking I’m broken and I need to be fixed, or that nothing’s happening yet?

Or that you still have so much work to do on yourself until you’re finally ready to take your life to the next level?

Of course you can have doubt, we all have it. But what is you predominant patterns and habit of thinking every day? Are you hopeful or doubtful?

Changing Your Mind

In order to open your mind to new possibilities, you have to know how the mind operates. You see, the mind works in two ways. The first way is the limited mind that only sees the past.

The second is the imaginative mind – the part of you that creates new things. So you’re either recreating something you already know or you’re creating something new and that you haven’t experienced before.

The tricky part is that it’s natural for our minds to think in limitation. Your subconscious mind can only see the past, which means it is doing all of your thinking for you and operating on default. It takes conscious thinking and faith in your higher self to bring about real change in your life.

When you do visualizations with your eyes closed for example, you don’t just change the subconscious mind, but you open doorways to creativity – to that divine part of you.

This can actually change the quality of your subconscious mind, and thus your behavior and actions.


Imagine you are sitting in a room… And everything around you, in that room right now, is from your entire past experience.

When you think in limitation, you can only see what’s in this room. The walls are your current memories.

You can rearrange the furniture, and maybe even try and cover things up so you don’t have to look at them anymore. But nothing new can come in, when you’re thinking from that limited mindset.

Your life is the same, day after day, without changing. There might be a few little changes, but it pretty much stays the same if you’re living within the limited mind.

And for most people, that is in fact, how they live: by default. And then when things don’t go the way they want them to, or they don’t live their dreams, or they get fired from their job, or lose their relationship, they blame the outside world.

The heart of the matter is that the outside world is just mirroring what is coming from the inside. This is not to blame yourself, but to know that you have the power. Most people live a very powerless life…they just live with what they’ve got.

See that room right now – the room of your current life. Sit in it…and just imagine the furniture in the room.

What does it look like? What color are the walls? Maybe there’s a desk with your bank account statement and how much money you have.

Maybe there’s an empty chair, where your partner should be. Maybe there’s an ex that just won’t leave. Maybe’s there’s family drama, that you feel like you can’t change. Just notice what’s there in that room.

Now imagine that outside this room, there’s unlimited possibilities. And if you opened up the door to this room, maybe there’s a new career, or a new love, or radiant health.

Maybe you’ll lose that ten pounds you’ve been trying to lose for years. The key is that these new experiences outside of that room, are formed by your imaginative  mind…the divine mind – the limitless mind: there’s no limit to what is possible.

What are the new possibilities you want for your life – whatever you want…does it feel reachable?

Or does it feel imaginary?

Are you afraid to expect good things?

Are you afraid of disappointment? Are you more connected to the creative mind or the limited mind?

Free write these answers on a piece of paper or in your journal and see what comes up for you.

When you think in limitation, it can feel like the door is closed in that room of your life. You feel small and powerless to any external circumstances.

But when you think with the creative mind, you start opening this door. You feel larger and powerful than that tiny little room.

Your current external circumstances can change, they are not static. And you can move them in the direction you want.

You are Powerful

When you start to doubt, just keep opening the door. When you catch yourself worrying, or concerned that what you want is never going to happen…or, “I’m never going to get through this hard time.”

Just say, “No, there’s another option.” It’s like coming to a fork in the road. You can go one way, to the limited mind and do what you’ve always done or you can say, “No, there’s another option,” and take the other direction.

That possibility always exist. Keep opening up that door and thinking in possibilities. You are not limited by your past.

Getting into the habit of this kind of thinking is extremely empowering. The more you practice it, the more you will see how magical and powerful you truly are.

About the author

Dr. Anna Michelle is the internationally known, Break Up Solution Specialist. She is your LIFELINE to help you heal and recover from the pain of lost love. Anna went from feeling broken, and unlovable, to healing herself AND transforming her life from the inside out.

Dr. Anna Michelle has a special skill set based on therapy that targets the subconscious mind. She invented her own signature method called the Break Up Solution System, to permanently shift the emotional pain in your heart for good!

Website: www.breakupsolution.com.


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