February 12, 2016

How To Win Your Ex Back When They’re Seeing Someone Else By Ashley Kay

How To Win Your Ex Back When They’re Seeing Someone Else By Ashley Kay

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In this video Ashley Kay talks about what you should do if your ex is seeing someone else but you want them back.  It’s very common for people to jump quickly into a new relationship because people tend to stay in the relationship they are in unless there is someone else they have their eye on. Ms. Kay says this new relationship may not be as bad as it seems.

Rebound Relationships aren’t as Bad as they Seem

Rebound relationships tend to catch up very quickly to the level of intimacy the previous relationship was at.  This is because the person is used to that level of intimacy and need to have it in their life.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they are madly in love with the person and that there is no chance for you.  They are simply trying to replace the things that went wrong in the old relationship.  These relationships are often very false.

 Let your Ex go through the Process

Your ex needs to go through the process of working through whatever issue it is that caused your breakup and that they are trying to replace in the new relationship.  It is possible that they truly are in love with this person, but the more likely scenario is that eventually they will realize they were just playing make believe in this rebound relationship and it’s not something that is going to work.  At this point they may be ready to jump back to you.

Ignore their Act

Your ex may be putting on this show for your benefit.  If you chase after them you will push them more towards the new person. If you act like you are happy for them and don’t really care that may just get under their skin.  Even better, have your own life and do your own things.  Show them you are more interested in your own dating and your own life and that will draw their attention toward you.

Rebound relationships rarely last.  If you want your ex back you need to leave them alone to go through the process.  This relationship will most likely dissolve on its own, and isn’t really as bad as it seems.  The best thing you can do is ignore the charade and focus on your own life.  In so doing, you will catch your ex’s attention and draw them back toward you.

About Ashley Kay

Ashley Kay is the author of Ex Recovery System, a guide that helps couples get back together.

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