March 7, 2016

How To Impress A Girl: 4 Easy Ways By Mirabelle Summers

How To Impress A Girl 4 Easy Ways By Mirabelle Summers

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In this clip, Mirabelle Summers discusses how to avoid the onset of creepy and unfavorable tendencies that men tend to project when trying to impress a girl.

Be Confident & Laidback

It’s a paradoxical fact that the harder a guy tries to impress a woman, the less successful he is in landing a date with her. When a man tries too hard to impress a woman, he is is likely to send her scurrying in the opposite direction, because no one wants a clingy partner. However, if you maintain a calm and cool demeanor, and are genuinely interested in getting to know this woman, certain efforts must be made. However, it also must be said that you want to avoid coming across like you don’t care at all. This may work against your cause, as no one wants to deal with an arrogant man who thinks he’s the world’s gift to women.

Don’t Just Comment on Her Looks

If you approach a woman solely based on her outward appearance, she is going to feel as if all you care about is hooking up, rather than getting to know she is as a person. If you’re serious about forging a genuine relationship, don’t use cheesy pick up lines that are bound to disappoint her, and ruin your chances. Women generally won’t respond well to, “You’re just so hot,” and if she does, it’s just because she’s seeking a serious ego boost.

Don’t Make Prolonged Eye Contact

Gauging a woman’s attention is one thing; staring awkwardly at her from across the room, while she stares back in confusion will definitely not work in your favor. If you’re keen on making eye contact, don’t stare blankly, and wonder why she’s not reciprocating. When you catch her eye, smile and approach her appropriately, otherwise your staring match will leave you blind sighted, when she rolls her eyes and walks away.

Avoid Opening Lines

Never use any opening lines on a woman. No woman is going to fall for some generic one-liner that lacks originality, and shows very little effort on your part to actually gauge her interests. Instead, be sincere and confidant, without reciting pre-rehearsed topics of conversation. If you offer witty banter and conversation, the interaction between you two will be far more fluid and natural, because it won’t seem like you’re trying too hard.

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