January 5, 2017

How To Clear Your Emotional Body

Get Out the Tissue

We have an emotional body that is the keeper of our raw, pure emotions. Many of us were not taught to express these emotions healthfully or otherwise.

Why is honoring and processing our emotions important regarding intuition and life’s purpose?

Well, remember everything we experience is in our Wealth Centers—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Just because we are not shouting our hurt and pain from the rooftops doesn’t mean we aren’t shouting it into the ethers.

Everything is energy, including our emotions. If we don’t deal with them, they deal with us.

It is a good idea to notice that we have emotions, such as joy, sorrow, fear, and love. These emotional states are different from the pure beings of love and joy we are. Our beings, when connected to love and joy, remain constant. Our emotions, when connected to love and joy, fluctuate. Emotions are reactive to our external surroundings, our being is not.

We all have powerful emotions.

If they become repressed and stifled, we suffer.

If we express them in an unhealthy manner, we create suffering and then suffer ourselves.

Understand that emotions are clues to where we are wounded.

Emotions need to be expressed. Emotions need to be honored for the gateway of information they provide. Emotions should not be judged; they simply are. Emotions can be expressed healthfully.

Creativity will help you release and transform negative emotions. Get out the tissues and cry. Feel your feelings, acknowledge them. You deserve to be heard. You have an inner child within who needs to express the emotions you may have bottled up for years.

We are all feeling beings. Understand that emotions can feel overwhelming. Many boys are taught not to cry. I encourage the release of emotions in safe ways because all emotions carry energy.

If you are not expressing yourself in a healthy way, you will carry these negative energies within you, whether you are aware of it or not.

You will be triggered by other people when you don’t deal with your emotions. When others push your buttons, they are triggering your bottled up emotions. That can be a painful experience.

Often someone will trigger our emotions because, deep down, the actions or words remind us of an old wound. This person did not create the wound, but here we are reacting to it now because we never dealt the emotions from the original wound.

I recommend eliminating your buttons by loving yourself and letting your emotions surface. The only emotions that can hurt you are the ones that you don’t express and release.

Expressing your emotions through anger is not what I am talking about. Anger is just a stifled emotion that comes out unconsciously and creates harm.

Understand that your emotions are yours. No one can truly push your buttons once you understand your own emotional states.

Exercise To Clear Your Emotional Body

  • Find a quiet spot and close your eyes.
  • Breathe consciously.
  • Call on your Higher Self and ask to be shown areas in your emotional body that can be healed.
  • Many events and experiences in our lives have created emotional attachments.
  • Ask to be shown an emotional area that has been hidden from you, so that you now can safely release this pain.
  • As you recall any painful memories, ask that Spirit transform them into Love.
  • If it’s sadness, feel it, cry, and then thank your inner child for releasing this sadness now.
  • You are the spiritual grown-up here.
  • Help your inner child safely release painful emotions.
  • Understand that you have always done your best and everyone in your life has been doing the best he or she can as well.
  • Acknowledge your feelings and honor what comes up.
  • Write in your journal anything that comes up for you around emotions that surface.
  • Writing as a practice will help you release your emotions effectively.
  • Do not carry them in your body.
  • You are a being of Divine Expression.
  • You can use your emotions to channel your creativity and turn emotional challenges of doubt and fear into Faith, Hope, and Love.

Excerpt from Extreme Intuitive Makeover: 55 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Anne Deidre and printed with permission.

About the author

Anne Deidre is an author, intuitive life coach, artist and healer. Her self help articles have been published in several magazines. Anne does live intuitive coaching on her television show the Intuitive Millionaire Coach show which airs weekly.

To know more about Anne, visit her website www.annedeidre.com.


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