March 7, 2016

Conversation Tips: Talking To Women By Mirabelle Summers

Conversation Tips Talking To Women By Mirabelle Summers

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In this video clip, Mirabelle Summers discusses the faults of what’s known in the match-matching industry as the “3-second rule.”

The “3 Second Rule”

Some dating experts claim that there is a 3-second rule when it comes to dating. According to this theory, when you spot an attractive person, you only have three seconds to get up and talk to her, before you squander your chances for good. While this method may successfully apply to a handful of people, there are some flaws associated with such an instant-gratification approach, and seemingly works best if you’re looking for a temporary fix, rather than a long-term connection.

Why the 3-Second Rule is Faulty

This rule is extremely limiting because it places a window of time in approaching someone, while also adding on the pressure that if you don’t, you may miss your chance forever. Talk about daunting! Furthermore, a 3 -second impulse is not necessarily the best route to take when aiming for a meaningful conversation with a woman. That’s because this method places a time limit on how fast you should approach her, regardless of whether or not you’ve come up with anything substantial to say. Similar to how people tend to choke up when they’re taking a timed test, the 3-second rule places the same amount of pressure when approaching a total stranger.

Collect Your Thoughts

Now, we’re not advocating hours to pass before you’ve taken down enough vodka shots to gather up some liquid courage. Instead, make sure you have an interesting, opening line when you approach a woman of interest. Take a few minutes to think about something unique to say, otherwise you’ll just be that guy who stammers a few feeble sentences, and tucks his tail between his legs when he’s retreating back into the corner of rejection. No woman wants to hear a man’s cheesy, opening lines that amount to mundane nothings which fall to the wayside. Collect your thoughts and figure out what you plan on saying, before you offer a whole lotta’ nothing.

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