March 7, 2016

Art of Seduction: Making a First Impression By Mirabelle Summers

Art of Seduction Making a First Impression By Mirabelle Summers

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In this video clip, Mirabelle Summers discusses how you can make a great (and lasting!) first impression on a woman of your interest.

Hopeless Hovering

In many cases, men often find themselves conversing with a woman, and it’s going really well, until the conversation finally runs dry and there’s not much left for you both to talk about. This is generally due to one main reason: too much hovering, too soon. There’s nothing appealing about a person who hovers around too long, and doesn’t get the hint that there’s not much more to be said at that moment. Overstaying your welcome can really put a damper on your chances for success. Remember the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Keep in mind that phrase, and establish an exit route before your good conversation transitions into a bad memory.

Impose an Endpoint

It’s always advised to be the first person who ends the conversation. This will leave a girl wanting more, and enable you to make a good impression, without overstaying your welcome. It leaves a woman with the best impression, formed at a really good point in the conversation. Forming an early exit strategy also proves that you’re not needy, and makes you look like a man with options. A great way to do this is to open a conversation like, “I have to catch up with my friends in a few minutes, but,” and lean into your conversational starter. This serves as a great opportunity to engage the woman, without smothering her or encroaching on her night, if she’s out with friends. If you follow these tips, you may very well be on the way of landing your first date, rather than smothering away any of her initial interest.

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