January 8, 2017

12 Ways To Raise Your Energy Vibration

Here are 12 Energy Enhancers that can be used instantaneously to raise your energy in the moment, whether you’re feeling droopy or you’re serious about cultivating a higher overall energy vibration.

This is a quick list to expand your awareness and give you a variety of tools to use to enhance your energy over the weeks to come. You’ll have an opportunity to use each one at the perfect time.

1. Appreciation

As I mentioned, this is one of the quickest paths to “feeling good.” What are you grateful for in your life? In your relationships? Your business? Your health? Start with basics, like having food, shelter, and a body. What “magic moments” did you create today? What can you appreciate about yourself? What can you appreciate about others? What can you appreciatein advancefor what’s coming? Write it down or share it with others.

Generally, appreciation means some blend of thankfulness, admiration, approval and gratitude. In the financial world, something that “appreciates” grows in value. With the power tool of appreciation, you get the benefit of both perspectives: as you learn to be consistently thankful and approving, your life will grow in value.

— Doc Childre and Howard Martin

2. Movement

Tony Robbins states the quickest way to change your emotional state, and hence your energy vibration, is by MOVING your body! Breathing. Walking. Jumping. Standing up. Stretching. Think of water globes, those glass balls with scenes inside and snowflakes or glitter. When you shake them up, the scene becomes “alive” with energy, much as your body does when you’re physically active.

Stagnant energy, or “non-moving” energy is often low energy. Movement helps to break this up and transform it to “high energy.” This is why exercise, particularly cardio where lots of oxygenation happens, contributes to a “high energy vibration.” On occasion, I have felt a little droopy before a coaching session or conference call. Twenty jumping jacks is one of the quickest remedies.

3. Language

Our use of language helps create our reality. Therefore, we must selectively choose our words to create the reality that we desire. Avoid language such as “I can’t,” “What’s wrong?,” or identifying with negative emotional states or qualities. Empowering language uses empowering words: “I am powerful.” “All is well.” “Life is beautiful.” “I am guided.” “I am grateful.” Say the words until you feel empowered, inspired, and creative. If you don’t resonate with a set of words, find something else and then use it.

Personal StoryOne day in yoga, I found myself repeating the words, “I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted.” I finally decided to shift my internal dialog to “I feel strong.” For a moment, I connected with “I feel strong” in my body. Saying the words is useful. Connecting with the truth of the words, is even more powerful. Within a matter of minutes, my body began performing as “I AM strong” and I enjoyed the rest of my session.

4. Laughter

Laughter, much like physical movement, shakes up the energy. When we laugh, we’re in the moment, carefree, and out of “our thinking heads.” Ever notice how problems melt away in the moment of laughter? Laughter provides a great practice in raising your energy vibration. Find a fun joke book! A joke a day raises the energy to play! Laughter allows us to embrace the paradox of life.

People who laugh actually live longer than those who don’t laugh. Few persons realize that health actually varies according to the amount of laughter. James Walsh

5. Random Acts of Kindness

For yourself and others. Contribution and kindness focus on care, well-being, and serving. Loving acts are excellent energy enhancers. Running an errand for a spouse. Helping an elderly woman with her groceries. Offering a compliment to a friend or stranger. Paying the toll for the car behind you. Treating yourself to a warm bath. Smiling at others.

As noted by Dr. Wayne Dyer, with every random act of kindness, the recipient is positively affected, the giver is positively affected, and anyone who witnesses the act of kindness is positively affected. What random actsof kindness can you do today?

6. Being Present

As we discussed in the previous lesson, mastering living in the present moment is a “practice” and is essential to living a powerful life of choice. Within the present moment we’re seeking stillness and calmness of mind. Meditation and yourNOW Practices contribute to raising your energy. And when we are present, we tap into the oneness of the Universe.

Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is – no matter what form it takes – you are still, you are at peace. — Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

7. Willingness

Willingness is the gateway to the higher energy levels. This means you are open to new ideas, to face inner issues and contribute to the good of others. When we’re willing, we’re not attached to the past or a set way of being. Your participation in this course indicates your willingness. Less than fifteen percent of the population live at this vibration. Anytime you step into learning and growing, acknowledge yourself—you are enhancing your energy.

8. Accepting What Is

As we embrace the reality of the world around us, as it is,without resistance, our vibration rises. With acceptance comes the realization that the source of happiness is within oneself. Not to be confused with passivity, acceptance allows you to take responsibility to resolve issues, find solutions, contribute to others, and go with the flow of life.

A sailor does not necessarily love storms or rough seas, but they acknowledge and accept the seas as they are, and respond accordingly. It’s not about labeling “right” or “wrong,” or judging circumstances as “good” or “bad.” There is an emotional calm in accepting what is. It’s about seeing things without distortion or misinterpretation, and accepting the circumstances of life. From here, you now have the ability to choose.

9. Magic Moments

This is a combination of “being very present,” delighting in “what is,” willingness to receive, finding joy in the moment, and appreciation. During a “magic moment” you are connected to yourself and connected to the world or others around you. It’s generally a peak experience.

Writing down your “magic moments” or sharing them with others is an excellent way to raise your energy. You get to relive the magic moment and inspire others. Create magic moments. Look for magic moments.

10. Humility

When we step into humility with an “I don’t know,” or a “You may be right,” or through an apology, we let go of Ego and step into connectedness.

With humility, we let go of our attachment to “being right” and “being separate.” Through humility we take responsibility for our human-ness, an upset, mistake, or unloving act. Surrendering through humility is powerful. We can almost always make an apology after an argument: “I want to apologize for making you wrong” or “I mistakenly assumed my way was the ‘right’way,” or “You’re right, I wasn’t listening fully to you.”

Humility is the quickest way to let go of the ego’s low energy vibration and step into a higher energy vibration. The ego is one of the biggest blocks to obtaining high energy states.

11. Hydration

Human beings are made up of water. Water is the source of life. More water equals “higher vibration.” Many people find drinking one gallon of water a day positively impacts their energy level. Foods high in water content are also loaded with the most nutrients, and are more easily absorbed and digested.

Many spiritual practices speak to hydration as essential to spiritual development. Water is also an excellent quick remedy when you’re feeling sluggish. One of water’s greatest purposes is to flush toxins from your body. The compounding effect is significant.

12. Taking Responsibility

I like to refer to responsibility as “responding to Spirit.” There are numerous ways to take responsibility.

  • Focusing on what you desire—clarifying a goal
  • Taking care of yourself or another
  • Asking for what you want—making an empowering request
  • Acting in integrity with your values—being true to yourself
  • Taking action toward a goal or desired outcome

This article is an excerpt from Mary E Allen’s book: The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love and has been published with the permission of the author and the publisher Personhood Press.

About the author

Mary Allen, CPCC, MCC is America’s Inner Peace Coach, author of The Power of Inner Choice and host of Conversations with the Masters interviewing best-selling authors, speakers and coaches including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Byron Katie, Debbie Ford, Ken Wilber, Dr. David Hawkins, and others. For over 15 years, her clientele have included transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, and even a couple billionaires. She helps people get out of their own way and enjoy exponentially more inner peace while living into their potential and evolving consciousness.

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